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Sensational chocolate fudge

Quick delights for anytime


This fudge is really sensational !

I had the pleasure of working @Baker&Spice as my first ‘real’ job after @Leiths, this was where I met all my fabulous chef friends. Carol had worked at Claridges in London who had incredibly high standards with delicious results, this was one such example, their fudge…which has become my fudge !

I’ve never enjoyed fudge with a grainy texture, this fudge, with the addition of the chocolate gives incredibly smooth and moreish fudge. The options are endless, white chocolate and ginger/cranberries/pecans – dark chocolate with rum soaked raisins ( oh yes!), pistachios, flaked almonds – milk chocolate with coffee and walnuts ( I would add the coffee either as an espresso powder with the cream) etc. etc. etc.

Have fun with it, there are but a few fundamentals to not be ignored to ensure your fudge has an exquisite texture, namely a sugar thermometer to ensure you take it to the EXACT temperature, having your chocolate at the ready to ensure you ‘stop’ the sugar ‘cooking’ as soon as it reaches temperature.

Having trained so very many chefs to make this over the years, I’ve learned that you need to go eyeball to thermometer to ensure you’re reading it correctly….a heighted distance could be the difference of only a couple of degrees, but this really matters with sugars.

As usual, let me know if you have any questions or issues.


  • 750g castor sugar
  • 250g glucose
  • 310g cream
  • 65g butter
  • 375g chocolate ( belgian)
  • 100g additional flavour – ginger, cranberries, nuts etc
  • 250g additional  chocolate for decor and coating ( optional -the fudge is delicious on it’s own)


Use a swiss roll type tin, something around 30 by 25 cm in size.

Line it with tin foil, this allows the foil or greaseproof

Bring the sugar, glucose and cream to boil in a heavy based pot

Have all your other ingredients weighed out and ready, although it takes longer to get from soft ball to hard ball than you would think, once it happens – it happens all of a sudden and then climbs ridiculously quickly to caramel, so watch it.

Once the mixture is at 120’C, between hard ball and soft ball, thrown in the butter, chocolate and additional flavour you’ve chosen

Stir to fully incorporate and pour into your lined tray.

Cover with a sheet of greaseproof and allow to cool, overnight preferably

At this stage you can top and bottom with tempered chocolate if you wish or eat as is.

Follow the video for the guide to beautifully tempered chocolate.