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Best Custard Slice ever



This custard recipe is known as a Creme Patisserie or Creme pat. The gorgeous texture and flavour enable it to be used as a base for a Chantilly cream ( just add whipped cream and whisk till lump free) or piped and baked in a Portuguese tart kinda way, or as I adore, as a filling for the best ever custard slice.

My sisters and mother helped me perfect the custard slice, adding the apricot jam ( sister) and the berries ( mother ), but it really is something you can have fun with and put together – provided you bake the pastry and make the custard the day before – in a matter of 20 mins.

There are, as with most delicious recipes a few points to bear in mind to ensure a result that might make you squeal with delight if you’ve previously suffered with a dissapointing result

It is important to make it the day before, allowing enough time to have the whole mixture cool down.

It is also very important that the paste you make with the egg yolks, corn flour, flour and sugar is made quickly not allowing the sugar to make contact with the yolks for too long. This ‘burns’ the eggs and will result in tiny annoying ‘bits’.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this or any other baking/cooking matter.

I would also love to know if this recipe was of any use to you.